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We generated more revenue in two days of a sale drive by Sunlight Digital campaigns than we were making in a MONTH before! Thank you Sunlight Digital!

Alison Ryan

Founder and CEO: Learning At The Primary Pond

Sunlight Digital has extensive ad knowledge and they stay up to date on the latest and greatest in the industry. They're always looking at it from a more strategic approach, meaning they have their client's best interests at heart and are really looking to partner with them and help them acquire customers at a feasible cost. I really appreciate how Sunlight Digital educates clients beyond just running ads, but other pieces they need in order to make them more effective. Since we started working together, they've been so fabulous that we've recommended them to multiple other clients of ours.

Lauren Pawell

Owner and Founder: Bixa Media

Working with Sunlight Digital helped us realize the importance of running a unique digital advertising game plan through a five-step funnel strategy. They demonstrate strong expertise by taking the time to invest in your success, looking at the bigger picture, and putting in great effort to understand your business. Traci and the team really understood the intricacies of each digital platform and how we can use retargeting to move our audiences along the customer journey. Their ability to shed light on different digital marketing algorithms, strategies, and opportunities served as a core strong point in working with them.

Brittany Dodd

Digital Marketing Director: Cricut

Sunlight Digital really knows our business and what we're about. They completely get who we are and so they know how to go after our audience. Our business has grown every year since we started working with them. We're getting lots of great leads and it's costing us less per lead than other forms of marketing. In the midst of COVID, our business grew 70%. I recommend Sunlight Digital to all my friends because they're competent, effective an fabulous to work with. They've made our paid social advertising lives easier. I trust them completely.

Marci Shimoff

CEO: Your Year of Miracles


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