January 4, 2023

How Pinterest Predicts Is Shaping the Future of Marketing

Pinterest Predicts

Pinterest has recently launched their annual Pinterest Predicts for, and once again, as a Pinterest Advertising Agency, we believe this will have a fantastic impact on the success of Pinterest Ads in.

If you read our post last year for Pinterest Predicts 2021, and the scary accuracy of Pinterest Predicts for 2020, you won't be surprised about how well Pinterest did in 2021.  

If you're new to Pinterest Predicts, you'll want to grab a cup of coffee and dig into this fascinating information.

Why Pinterest Is Different Than Other Social Media Platforms

Pinterest has a mission that we believe sets it apart from most of the other social platforms.

Their goal is to bring inspiration to the world so they can create a life they love.

There are over 400 million monthly users that span Boomers, to Gen Z, every gender, every culture, from all over the world that come to Pinterest to plan what to do, what to try or what to buy next.  

Pinterest is all about capturing the spark of inspiration and helping to bring it to life.

Because of this, Pinterest has access to some very interesting data that allows them to analyze what all of these 400 million users are searching for.  

This gives Pinterest early insights, and helps them define those insights for consumers, advertisers and creators. Pinterest Predicts lets us know what they think is coming next.  

And they're usually right. Pinterest has always prided itself on being the place where users feel good about themselves.

  • 89% of Pinners say they leave Pinterest feeling empowered
  • 8 out of 10 people come to Pinterest to feel positive vs 3 in 10 for other platforms.
  • 85% of Pinners say Pinterest is where they go to start a new project.

Pinterest Predicts Trends Are Different From Other Trends

Pinterest partnered with Black Swan Data a research firm, to help them gain a deeper understanding of how trends on Pinterest are actually different from other trends.  What they discovered is that the Pinterest platform doesn't just see new trends first, those trends also take off faster, live longer, and become aspirational across multiple categories.

Pinterest Trends Take Off Faster

Out of 6000 recent trends Pinterest analyzed, they discovered that Pinterest Trends had an average growth of 56% in their first six months.  

Those same trends only averaged a 38% growth across the rest of the internet during the same time period.

Pinterest Trends Live Longer

Black Swan shows that most trends last about six months and then fade out.  

That can make it hard for brands and creators to act on the trend data, especially for larger brands.

On Pinterest, trends sustain a 21% longer month growth than anywhere else on the internet. Pinterest trends are not a flash in the pan, they actually live longer.

Pinterest Trends Transcend Categories

When a trend hits Pinterest, there is no limit to how that trend may be interpreted.

Trends often hit Pinterest and it is reflected by how people seek inspiration, tutorials, recipes and other creative ways that bring that trend into their lives.

Because of this, one in three trends look totally different on Pinterest than it does anywhere else.

The level of trend interpretation is truly and exclusive to the Pinterest platform.

How Pinterest Predicts Can Help You Grow Your Business

It's never been a better time for brands who align with the mission of the Pinterest platform.

Pinterest reports that 83% of weekly Pinners have made a purchase based upon content they saw from brands on Pinterest.

If you take the time to think strategically about how you could use Pinterest Predicts in your business, this means you have the opportunity to get in on a trend long before you competition.  

The beauty of this is that your creative can last longer and work harder for your brand.

Increasing reach, driving growth, and ultimately growing your business.

Our agency utilizes the Pinterest Predicts tool for our clients to look for ways to increase client results with a little extra creativity + some strategic planning.

By leveraging a variety of ad creatives, campaign objectives + Pinterest Predicts, you set your brand up to be more relevant, and in turn drive significantly more traffic to your store. You can check out the full Pinterest Predicts report by going to https://PinterestPredicts.com.

We'd love to help you grow and scale your business through social ads and email marketing. 

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