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Sunlight Digital Provides Proven Methodology & Full-Funnel Advertising with Pinterest

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Inspiration is the New Influence
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No matter what audience you’re targeting, they’re on Pinterest to discover new ideas.

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Pinterest Marketing Services Make Your Ad Dollars Go Further

Sunlight Digital’s Pinterest advertising campaigns are designed for you to leverage and take advantage of Pinterest’s unique space on the internet—a place with natural alignment between consumers and brands.

With the support of a Pinterest marketing agency like Sunlight Digital, your business has the opportunity to increase leads and sales by targeting high quality, engaged buyers early in their planning process. Your ads have the following opportunities to generate: Brand Awareness, Video Views, Traffic, Conversions, and a Shopping Catalog.

Pinterest Advertising offers you a Full-Funnel Solution for Business Growth by Utilizing:

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Brand Awareness

Help people discover your brand, products, or other services.

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Video Views

We optimize Pinterest Ads for quality views, including average watch time & completion.

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Pinterest Ads are optimized for clicks and increase traffic to your website.

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Drive users towards actions like ‘check-out', ‘sign-up', or ‘add to cart'.

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Shopping Catalog

Take the opportunity to introduce viewers to products or services while they're searching for inspiration.

People Come to Pinterest for Inspiration—Your Brand Can Be that Inspiration with Pinterest Ads

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97% of top searches are ‘non-branded'

This means that people are looking for something specific but not a particular brand. Pinterest advertising provides the perfect opportunity to engage customers when they’re open to discovering new brands.

Pinterest Advertising Across The Globe

Who uses Pinterest?

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United States

80% of Mothers
50% of Millenials
~80% of Millenial Women
~40% of Millenial Men

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~65% of Mothers
nearly 50% of Millenials
60+% of Millenial Women
30% of Millenial Men

Britain flag

United Kingdom

~50% of Parents
30+% of Millenials
~40% of Millenial Women
20% of Millenial Men

Australia flag


~40% of Mothers
~40% of Millenials
50+% of Millenial Women
~30% of Millenial Men

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Pinterest Advertising different than Facebook and Instagram Advertising?
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Our pinterest marketing agency loves these two advantages of Pinterest over other social media platforms—it is future-focused, and it offers full-funnel marketing opportunities. People go to Pinterest to plan their future, so it’s the perfect time to bring people into your sales funnel with awareness, inspire them and help them prepare for their future, and then be there when they’re ready to purchase.

How is Sunlight Digital different than other Pinterest marketing agencies?
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At Sunlight Digital, we genuinely consider ourselves strategic partners in your marketing endeavors. And while we are not a full-service marketing agency, we take it upon ourselves to help our clients create a comprehensive marketing strategy and figure out where paid social media advertising fits into that.

What is Pinterest Predicts, and how can it help my brand?
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Since people come to Pinterest to plan future projects, Pinterest is in a unique place to gather data that accurately predicts upcoming trends. In fact, 8 out of 10 of their predictions for 2020 came true! At Sunlight Digital, we can help you use Pinterest Predicts to plan strategic ads that capture the trends in a way that makes sense for your brand.

Where is your Pinterest marketing agency located?
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We’re based out of Sarasota, Florida. However, our team works remotely (and always has), so we’re able to serve clients all over the globe.

Does my business need to be a certain size to work with a Pinterest marketing agency?
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We love to create industry leaders out of growing brands. However, your brand does need to be able to put a certain amount into Pinterest advertising for it to be worth it to work with us. If you’re curious if you’re a good fit, please fill out our application, and we can chat!

Is your Pinterest marketing company able to handle large clients?
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Yes! We’re able to scale our efforts to the size of your brand. Some of our largest clients are Cricut® and Blick Art Materials®—both industry leaders in the art and crafts industry.

How long does a Pinterest advertising campaign last?
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Since people use Pinterest to plan the future, Pinterest advertising is naturally a longer buying cycle. We work with clients on a monthly retainer over the course of several months. And it’s always our hope that our clients are so satisfied with the results that we remain helpful to them for a long time.

What kind of communication can I expect when working with Sunlight Digital?
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We see ourselves as a part of your team, so we provide a high level of communication and education to keep you in the loop on everything we do. We create a private Slack channel for anytime communication and provide regular updates and metric reports on your ads. You’ll have a dedicated account manager that works with you to refine your marketing strategy as we go.

Does your Pinterest marketing agency work with other platforms as well?
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Definitely. Most of our clients also place a large emphasis on Facebook and Instagram advertising. We see Pinterest advertising as a growing opportunity. So for the right brands, we also incorporate Pinterest advertising in our marketing strategy. We can also run ads on Snapchat, Tiktok, and YouTube.

Which brands are best for Pinterest advertising?
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Because we are experts at marketing to creators, crafters, makers, artists, DIY enthusiasts and more, where a little biased in believing that businesses who serve those markets will do best.

Anything else I need to know about Pinterest users?
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We’ve included some stats on Pinterest users in the graphic above. It’s also important to note that Pinterest users are mobile-first. Almost all Pinners use Pinterest on their phones, so we keep that in mind in Pinterest advertising.

How will your Pinterest marketing agency move people from the planning stage to buying?
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Because Pinterest offers the opportunity for full-funnel marketing, we are able to leverage the methodology we’ve been perfecting across every social ad platform and every client. We build out campaigns to ensure that we have the right targeting, messaging and creative to hit every touchpoint in the buyers journey.

Our Methods Are Guaranteed To Work

At Sunlight Digital, our proven methodologies are guaranteed to produce results. The field of Pinterest advertising is ripe for the picking—so why not let your brand see that success? Take advantage of Pinterest’s future thinking users, be there along the way for their inspiration phase, and then be their go-to when they’re ready to buy! With Sunlight Digital’s attentive management, thorough communication, and comprehensive strategies, Pinterest marketing will take your brand to the next level.