November 11, 2023

Breaking Down The 2024 Pinterest Content Calendar for Coaches and Course Creators

A Comprehensive Guide to Optimizing Your 2024 Pinterest Content Calendar for Coaches and Course Creators

Breaking Down The 2024 Pinterest Content Calendar for Coaches and Course Creators Blog Post

In the coaching and online course creation space, the ability to connect with and engage a target audience is fundamental to success. Enter: Pinterest.

With its visually-driven platform and diverse user base, Pinterest has emerged as a powerful tool for coaches and course creators to share their expertise and attract a dedicated following.

To truly harness the potential of Pinterest as a marketing platform, however, you’ll need a solid strategy.

This is where implementing a simple, yet well-structured content calendar steps in.

Sounds like a lot of work? That’s why Sunlight Digital has pieced it all together for you with this breakdown on Pinterest’s 2024 Content Calendar.

Perfectly crafted so you can dive into 2024 with fewer to-dos on your marketing checklist. 

This invaluable tool provides a roadmap for planning and distributing content effectively, enabling coaches and course creators to maintain a consistent and engaging online presence.

Below, we delve into the pivotal role that Pinterest's content calendar plays in helping coaches and course creators build their brand, connect with their audience, and ultimately, achieve their goals in the digital space.

You probably have heard it before: Pinners are planners. Your audience on Pinterest is often months ahead of the game when it comes to planning it all: from how to grow their businesses, to seasonal plans and more, Pinners hop on Pinterest with three core intentions in mind

  • Be inspired 
  • Plan their next event
  • Make a purchase

This is where content planning comes into place. Plan too late and you’ll miss the swarms of organic and paid traffic to your site. 

This is your first look at the top trends and seasonal moments you’ll want to watch (and plan) for in the year ahead. 

This is your guide to help you maximize your time, reach clients, and have an explosive 2024 year in business. 

Starting the Year: Your Quarter One Content Plan 

In the first quarter of the year, it's crucial for coaches and course creators to kickstart their Pinterest content calendar with a strategic approach. 

With the start of the year, many individuals are seeking guidance and motivation to pursue their goals and resolutions. This presents a golden opportunity to provide valuable content that aligns with these aspirations. 

Here’s some content inspiration so you can start scaling in the New Year: 

January should focus on inspirational pins, goal-setting tips, and success stories to motivate and resonate with the audience. 

February can be geared towards self-love and personal development in line with Valentine's Day, offering content that empowers individuals to prioritize their well-being. Content focused on self-care with actionable tips and tricks that are in alignment with your course objectives or coaching offers is key here. 

March, with the onset of spring, can shift towards fresh beginnings, growth, and educational content, aligning with the season's themes. 

Second Act: Quarter Two

For Pinners, this time of year focuses on trying new things, self-care, and getting away. Coaches and course creators should adapt their Pinterest content calendar to capitalize on the changing seasons and evolving interests of their audience. 

April marks a period of renewal and growth, making it an ideal time to offer content centered around personal development, productivity, and goal refinement. 

As the weather warms up in May, fitness, wellness, and outdoor activities become prevalent topics, providing an opportunity to share valuable tips and resources that align with these trends.

June brings a focus on self-improvement and skill-building, as individuals seek ways to enrich their lives during the summer months.

If relevant, this quarter should also include content related to special occasions like Mother's Day and graduation, providing a well-rounded approach to engaging with a diverse audience. 

By tailoring their content to match the evolving interests and needs of their followers, coaches and course creators can continue to foster meaningful connections and establish themselves as trusted sources of guidance and inspiration.

Third Quarter: Summer Switch 

In the third quarter, coaches and course creators should infuse their Pinterest content calendar with a fresh burst of creativity and strategic planning. 

July, with its focus on summer activities and travel, offers an opportune moment to provide tips on self-care, mindfulness, and maintaining balance amidst the hustle and bustle. 

As August approaches, back-to-school preparations and personal development become paramount, making it an excellent time to share insightful resources on learning, skill-building, and time management. 

Depending on your niche, August is also the perfect time to review content and set the stage for your Pinterest ads campaigns. In fact, six months out, people on Pinterest are already searching for the holidays. 

At this stage, people are open-minded and open to new ideas. That’s why brands who start advertising earlier in the season see stronger results. They might be ahead of the curve for advertisers, but they’re right on time for consumers seeking inspiration.

Getting ahead of scaling your business on Pinterest with easy marketing strategies is simple with Sunlight Digital.

Dive in with other businesses who started their Pinterest ad campaigns months ahead of the holiday season and saw incremental sales lifts and almost 5x more conversions than those brands who waited on campaigns. 

September brings a transitional period, and content can shift towards topics like goal-setting, career advancement, and embracing change. Additionally, it's crucial to incorporate content related to relevant seasonal events and holidays to maintain engagement. 

By leveraging the unique opportunities presented each month, and by including Pinterest ads as part of your marketing strategy, coaches and course creators can continue to captivate their audience and solidify their position as trusted guides on the journey to personal and professional growth.

Fourth Quarter: Holidays & Happenings

As the year draws to a close, coaches and course creators must round out their Pinterest content with strategic precision to keep website traffic, leads, and sales moving forward. 

In October, with the onset of autumn, the focus shifts towards themes of transformation, self-reflection, and setting the stage for a powerful year ahead. Engage your audience with content on personal development, goal attainment, and strategies for overcoming challenges.

If you didn’t take advantage of getting those Pinterest ad campaigns up and running before the full holiday swing, it’s not too late. 

While the platform tends to get a bit saturated with ads starting in October, there’s still room to launch a successful campaign with the right strategy in place.

November is a time to express gratitude and promote a sense of community and support. With the holiday season in full swing, Pinners are already planning for their holiday celebrations, goals, AND the New Year. Share inspirational stories, gratitude practices, and resources that foster a sense of belonging.


December, with its festive spirit, provides an excellent opportunity to reflect on achievements and set sights on aspirations for the coming year. It's also the perfect time to offer special promotions or exclusive content to reward your loyal followers. 

By curating a thoughtful and impactful content calendar for the fourth quarter, coaches and course creators can leave a lasting impression and set the stage for continued growth and success in the year ahead.

Simplify Content Creation for the Year

By curating a diverse range of Pins, from insightful articles to visually appealing infographics, coaches, and course creators can set a strong foundation for the year ahead, establishing themselves as trusted sources of guidance and expertise.

Love all the ideas but don’t have the time to piece them together? That’s where Sunlight Digital steps in. 

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